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Traditional Indonesian Medicine Consisting of 19 Different Kinds of Natural Healing Herbs


This traditional Indonesian medicine contains the following ingredients: 1. Roots of earth peg; 2. Roots of a large rubber tree from Kalimantan 3. Cloves (Lat. Eugenia aromatica); 4. Cardamom 5. Chili peppers; 6. Cubeb (Lat. Piper cubeba) 7. Sapang wood (Lat. Caesalpinia sappan); 8. Spinifex; 9. Fibraurea chloroleuca; 10. Orthosiphon stamineus; 11. Cinnamomum sintok; 12. Tinospora crispa; 13. Lavanga sarmentosa; 14. Andrographis paniculata; 15. Strobilanthes crispa; 16. Curcuma zanthorrhiza; 17. Zingiberis aromaticae rhizoma; 18. ...

Yellow Wood Roots for Strenghtening the Body’s Immune System


The yellow wood roots come from a rare forest tree from Kalimantan, Indonesia. The roots of this special kind of tree have various healing powers that can be used as an alternative medicine, And indeed, the indigenous population of Kalimantan have been using it this way already for centuries. Its powerful efficacy makes it therefore ...