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Sīvalī Thera Amulet with Magical Turtle Yantra for Long Livity and Good Health


This amulet was made and consecrated by the Buddhist monk Luang Pu Kasem in 2002. The front side of this amulet features Sīvalī Thera wandering through the forest (an ascetic practice, also known as 'tudong'). He is carrying with him the requisites of a forest monk: an umbrella, a monk's bag and an alms bowl. ...

Sīvalī Thera Yantra Cloth to Attract Abundance of Prosperity and Wealth


This yantra cloth is made and consecrated by the Buddhist monk Luang Por Maen. Luang Por Maen was born on the 13th of March in B.E. 2481 (1938 C.E.) at Pathum Thani province in Thailand. When he was 27 years old, he ordained as a Buddhist Monk at Wat Yai Chai Mongkol. Luang Por Maen ...

Metal Scroll inscribed with 108 Yantra for Good Luck and Protection


This is a metal scroll (called 'takrut' in Thailand) that contains a sacred design of 108 yantra (called 'yant' in Thailand). The metal scroll is inscribed by the venerable Buddhist monk Luang Por Win from Malaysia. In Hindu-Buddhist philosophy, the number 108 stands for infinity; hence, '108 Yantra' means a most auspicious number of yantras, ...