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Holy Prayer Water Bowl engraved with Islamic Spells inducing the Divine Characteristics of the Wali Saints


Holy water, or water blessed through recitation of holy prayers, is a common aspect of ritual worship in all major religious traditions in the world, and indeed, it has been used in numerous socio-religious cultures from the past right up to the present. In the Islamic world, for example, holy water is used to cleanse ...

Magical Tiger Pocket Talisman to Increase One’s Charisma


Pocket talismans are perhaps one of the most popular mystical items in Indonesia. Indeed, due to the relatively small size and measurements pocket talismans are very convenient for every day wear. Hence, as the name already suggests, Indonesians often like to keep this type of talisman in their pocket, or put it in their wallet ...

Keris Kalamunyeng: ‘The Spinning Dapur of Sunan Giri’


This straight bladed keris (lurus) features the dapur Kalamunyeng. It is an ancient pusaka heirloom keris, which is forged in the tangguh Pajang era (1568–1586 CE). The antique blade of this keris has a plain gandik, a subtle tikel alis, a square pejetan, and a short but sharp buntut cecak. Also, it has a tall ...