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Portable Tombak Amulet for Respect, Power and Authority in Leadership


A tombak is a traditional Indonesian weapon resembling a spear. Unlike traditional weaponry in the West, most Indonesian swords, daggers, knives and other thrusting weapons are smaller and have a subtler design. This is because traditional Indonesian weapons were used not only for combat fighting but often also for conducting sacred rituals. Hence, the forging ...

Tombak Komando Cacing Kanil – A Favorite Collector’s Item among Military Commanders and Army Officials


This classical masterpiece of traditional Indonesian weaponry bears the shape of a Javanese tombak (spear). The old iron blade is forged into the Cacing Kanil model (dapur). This tombak dapur can be recognized by its twisted blade. The unique shape of the blade represents a squirming worm ('cacing'). Though conventional tombaks with this dapur usually ...