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Keris Tilam Upih Ganja Iras from the Tangguh Tuban-Majapahit Era (13th–15th Century CE)


This straight-bladed ('lurus') keris features 'Ganja Iras', which means the blade does not have a separate ganja, but rather it is made out of the blade itself. The dapur of this keris is 'Tilam Upih'. Tilam Upih can be translated as 'white (bed)sheet(s)' which implies living a straight (hence 'lurus' instead of 'luk') and honest ...

Keris Tilam Upih Bendo Segodo from the Tangguh Madura Era (16th Century)


This keris is conjured for spiritual practitioners. The esoteric content of this keris contains a spirit ('khodam') who shall guide and protect the owner. If the owner is a practitioner of magic, then he or she will find this keris very useful for carrying out specific occult rituals or prayers. Yet to a true ...

Keris Tilam Upih with Pamor Bonang Sarenteng + Balinese Sheath & Hilt


With its total length of 40 cm, this keris can be classified as a long keris ('keris panjang', often also refered to as 'keris corok'). A keris corok is thought to contain more powerful spiritual powers than a standard sized keris. For this particular reason, many people desire to have a supernatural pusaka like this. The ...