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Islamic Talisman Set with Love Charm and Attraction Spell


This set of Islamic talismans consists of a bottle of mystical oil and a magic spell in the form of a sacred geometric design. These exclusive items are made by an Islamic mystic from Banten in West Java, Indonesia. He extracted the oil from a mixture of various sacred ingredients, such as magic herbs, holy ...

Holy Gaharu Wooden Amulet Filled with Sacred Herbs


A rare and unique Indonesian amulet hand carved from holy Gaharu wood. The amulet has been made and consecrated by an Islamic master from Martapura in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Martapura is widely known for its Islamic pesantren schools. Indeed, Martapura brings forth many great Islamic santri scholars, whose piety is reflected in the traditional white Muslim ...

Sacred Metal Pendant Inscribed with Islamic Spells for Love and Protection


This Islamic pendant is made from a mixture of sacred metals. It features Arabic spells on the surface of both the front and rear face of the amulet. The Islamic spells on the sacred metallic pendant are aimed at enhancement of 'rahim' and 'rizq', meaning that the spells help to increase compassion and success in ...