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Yellow Copper Takrut Pendant with Holy Rock Crystals yielding Miraculous Effects


The tubular pendant is made from a sacred metal alloy containing mostly yellow copper that is extracted from various religious ornaments. Thus, by smelting the metal objects together this takrut amulet was forged and blessed by an ordained empu (smith). The mystical item serves as a small portable container or vessel which allows the wearer ...

Phra Ruesi Khao Kulen Loi Ongk Statuette (Bucha Kru Batch) – Luang Por Dam, Wat Mai Naparam


This metal ruesi statuette by Luang Por Dam of Wat Mai Naparam was released in the Bucha Kru batch of the year 2543 BE (2000 CE). The Bucha Kru (Sanskrit: pūjā guru) edition of amulets was made and blessed in honor of Luang Por Dam, the abbot of Wat Mai Naparam. Prior to the production ...

Soldier’s Forehead Bone Amulet with 3 Silver Yantra Spells and Coffin Nail in Sacred Oil


This amulet is made from a piece of forehead bone from a Thai army soldier. It is hand carved by the Thai master Waroot from Chiang Mai. This particular master is much respected by the Thai, Cambodian, Malaysian and Singaporean people who have strong faith in Master Waroot's supernatural powers. Master Waroot used his meditative concentration ...