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Sacred Keris Sombro Ritual Dagger from the Tangguh Pajajaran (12th Century CE) with Pamor Kulit Semangka Pattern


The Sombro dapur is a very special keris model that differs from any other sacred daggers from Indonesia. To begin with, a Sombro is much smaller than most other kerises. For instance, the standard length of a keris blade is approximately 33-38 cm, whereas the total length of the Sombro's blade measures only 19.5 cm. ...

Authentic Keris Sombro with Pamor Sanak made in the Late Pajajaran/Early Tuban Era (12th–13th Century)


The Sombro dapur model is named after the maker, empu Ni Mbok Sombro. Nyai Sombro, as she is often called, is a Javanese female keris maker who lived in the Pajajaran Kingdom (12th century CE) in West Java, Indonesia. Empu Ni Mbok Sombro became a well-known keris maker in the Pajajaran society, where she received ...