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Silver Naga Dragon Pendant for Excessive Wealth through Business and Gambling


The dragon is a popular mythical creature in many cultures around the world. In Indonesia they use the term 'naga' (Sanskrit: nāga) to refer to these ferocious serpentine beings that are featured in several ancient legends in traditional Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Its mythological characteristics have been evoken using a powerful nāga mantra during the ...

Balinese Ganesha Elephant Head God Pendant including Solid Silver Necklace


In Bali, the elephant head god Gaṇeśa holds a special place in the daily ritual worship that is performed by the indigenous Hindu community. The deity is primarily associated with good fortune. Hence the owner of this traditional Indonesian amulet can beseech Gaṇeśa for blessings before starting a job or beginning any other new and ...

Natural Peridot Gemstone expertly faceted into a Silver Ring inlaid with 34 Zircon Stones


Peridot is a mineral olivine found in peridotite rock from the earth's upper mantle. Also, the yellowish green mineral is often found in lavas, while peridot crystals are collected from ancient meteorites. This particular gemstone, however, was mined in Tanzania, East Africa. Expertly faceted into an oval cut peridot ring (US size 10 – made ...