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Indigenous Indonesian Shamanic Porcupine Potion to achieve Commanding Power


The indigenous tribes living in the rain forests of Kalimantan have a close relationship with nature and the wild animals in this environment. Amongst several other animals, the porcupine plays a central role in Indonesian shamanism. Its sharp quills are believed to possess supernatural powers, which make them ideal ingredients for traditional amulets and talismans. The ...

Indigenous Sundanese Shamanic Jasper Amulet in Handmade Silver Pendant with Dhemit Spirit Attached


The elegant, oblong-shaped gemstone is set in a handmade silver pendant. It is a genuine Indonesian jasper stone from Garut, West Java. The valley of Garut Regency is inextricably linked to indigenous Sundanese shamanism, for indeed, its soil is considered sacred by the adherents of the local Sunda Wiwitan belief system. Also, the volcanoes surrounding ...