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Ancient Balinese Keris featuring Straight-bladed Dapur Sepang with Pamor Ngulit Semangka


In present-day Indonesia the Balinese keris is renown for its large measurements and robust artwork. Kerises from Bali stand out from the rest of Indonesian pusaka (heirloom) weapons, especially when compared to the moderate sizes and subtle designs of the Javanese keris. The average length of the blade of a Balinese keris measures 40-45 cm ...

Marvelous Keris with Twofold Dapur (Sepang & Damar Murub) + Twofold Pamor Motif (Pulo Tirto and Rojo Gundulo)


The dapur model of this ancient keris looks stunning, for it is a combination of two different dapurs, namely the straight-bladed Sepang and the single-waved (luk 1) Damar Murub model. Obviously, it requires great skills to forge a keris with a twofold dapur. The spectacular aesthetics of both dapurs are perfectly merged together into a ...