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Keris Sempaner with Pamor Adeg Sapu from the Ancient Sundanese Segaluh Kingdom (12th Century CE)


The keris Sempaner is a traditional heirloom item (pusaka) from the time of the ancient Kingdom of Sunda and Galuh in West Java, Indonesia. In general, Sundanese artifacts from the tangguh Segaluh era (12th century CE) are extremely rare since there are very few archaeological remains from this historical period. Though it was a predominantly ...

Keris Pandawa Lare Luk 5 from the Tangguh Segaluh Era (12th Century)


This ancient keris originates from the tangguh Segaluh era (twelfth century West-Java). A genuine keris from the Segaluh era features an iron blade that looks rather dry, and has a dark black, greenish color to it. Another characteristic feature of this particular kind of keris sepuh (old keris), is that always has a tall gandik. ...