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Keris Amulet with Islamic Spells embossed and Sacred Brass Sheath wrapped in Red Magical Cord


One of Indonesia's most precious cultural heritage objects is undoubtedly the keris, a ritual dagger richly endowed with mystical qualities. The ancient tradition of keris forging dates back to eleventh century AD, though some Indonesians believe the keris was already in use in Java around the sixth century AD. Either way, the truth is that ...

Mystical Ring made from Sacred Brass Engraved with Arabic Incantations for Preferential Treatment


Made from sacred brass, the Indonesian talismanic ring is engraved with Arabic formulas on the exterior surface. The Arabic formulas are visible both on the outside as well as on the inside of the ring. This, of course, allows the Islamic spells to be in direct contact with the skin when wearing the ring. In ...

Sacred Brass Amulet featuring Lucky Gambling Spells to Boost Windfall Luck


The lucky gambler's amulet is a mystical object of high repute which is known to have powerful magical effect to increase wealth and riches. The mystical object itself is made from sacred brass; sacred in the sense that the brass was obtained from a local mosque in the suburbs of the city of Yogyakarta. A ...