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Authentic Javanese Keris Sabuk Inten from the Early Tangguh Mataram Era (16th–18th Century CE)


Sabuk Inten often is considered an all-time favorite dapur keris model from Java. Nearly every collector of traditional Indonesian weaponry has at least one or more kerises of this kind in his or her personal collection of tosan aji (sacred metals). This is not in the least due to the highly auspicious powers linked to ...

Keris Sabuk Inten a.k.a. ‘The Diamond Belt Dapur’ of the 16th Century Tangguh Pajang Era


The distinctive wavy blade of this ancient masterpiece features the popular Sabuk Inten design. This dapur type has a total of eleven luks (i.e. waves) which are attributed with various ricikan elements, such as a kembang kacang, two lambe gajahs, a shallow sraweyan, and ri pandan and greneng. But perhaps the most special part of ...

Keris Sabuk Inten Luk 11 with Threefold (Triwarna) Pamor Motif


Inten ('Diamond Belt') represents the welfare of the Royal Family. Pamor Pandhan Iris resembles sliced pandan leaves, which some people also refer to as 'Dan Riris'. This type of pamor is believed to be particularly useful for people with authority and leadership. Though this pamor also can help avoid black magic. Pamor Nogo Rangsang is often ...