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Exotic Caribbean Larimar Gemstone in Blue Volcanic Color set in Balinese Gold-plated Silver Ring


Larimar is a type of volcanic rock composed of blue pectolite. The blue variety of the (silicate) pectolite mineral is found only in the Dominican Republic on the exotic island of Hispaniola. Locals believe the gem came from the sea as a gift from the Divine. Indeed, the Stefilia's Stone (another name for this rare ...

Indonesian Mustika Ring with Mysterious Pangeran Image Manifested in Agate Gem


Indonesian agate has a rich history of divinely revealed images within its natural veining, inclusions and markings. Such mysterious images as the face of a human or animal, or pictures of a landscape, have manifested themselves in these natural works of art, which subsist in several different places across the Indonesian archipelago. Due to the ...