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Yellow Copper Takrut Pendant with Holy Rock Crystals yielding Miraculous Effects


The tubular pendant is made from a sacred metal alloy containing mostly yellow copper that is extracted from various religious ornaments. Thus, by smelting the metal objects together this takrut amulet was forged and blessed by an ordained empu (smith). The mystical item serves as a small portable container or vessel which allows the wearer ...

Sacred Sīvalī Śarīra Dhātu Elemental Relic radiating Blessings of Physical and Spiritual Protection, Grace, and Prosperity


Buddhist relics (śarīra) of enlightened masters (arahant) and saints, such as Sīvalī Thera, are considered by the followers of the Buddha to be the most sacred and powerful amulets. After cremation of saint's physical body there remain several small ball-shaped objects among the ashes of the corpse. These so-called dhātu elementals are believed to be ...