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Badar Besi Metallic Elemental Substance with 16 Zircon Gemstones set in a Stainless Steel Ring engraved with a Pair of Naga Serpents


Badar besi is the Indonesian equivalent of Thai lek lai (alternatively spelled 'leklai'), a sacred metal-like substance found within the walls of holy caves. According to legend, only the most adept masters have the knowledge and permission to extract the magical metal from these mysterious sites. In traditional Indonesian folklore caves and underground caverns are ...

Magic Magnolia Flower Oil with a Soothing and Calming Fragrance that Promotes Love, Peace and Harmony


The essential oil contained within the Indonesian amulet vial is obtained from fragrant champaca flowers of the magnolia tree (Lat. Magnolia champaca, or Michelia champaca). According to traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asian cultures, including Kejawen and Kebatinan tradition in Indonesia, Magnolia trees are believed to be the dwelling place of benevolent nature ...