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Pedang Gatotkaca Sword from 19th Century Lombok/Bali


The pedang Gatotkaca is made in the nineteenth century in Lombok/Bali, Indonesia. With a length of only thirty centimeters, this is a relatively short bladed sword. The blade of this pedang features the pamor Nyanak pattern. This pamor pattern is sometimes also called 'pamor Sanak'. Due to the low contrast, this pamor motif can not ...

Mandau Dayak Headhunter’s Sword


In ancient times, the indigenous population of Kalimantan – the Dayaks – were feared as notorious headhunters. The headhunting Dayaks executed their fearsome practices through using a traditional mandau sword. Throughout the centuries, this has caused the mandau to become inextricably linked to headhunting. However, due the decline of the Dayaks' ancient traditions in the early ...

Keris Sengkelat Mataram Sultan Agung‏ with Gold-plated Kinatah, Ancient Brass Sheath, and Teak-wooden Hilt


This ancient keris was made in the tangguh Mataram Sultan Agung era (17th century). The robust blade features the dapur Sengkelat, and has thirteen waves (luk). Since ancient times, Indonesian kings and sultans have always had a special interest in kerises with the dapur Sengkelat. In fact, one can still find many kerises of this ...