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Keris Kamardikan with Dapur Parungsari and Sineba Combined


A true masterpiece by empu Agus Pribadi of besalen Pasir Bersinar in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. In the contemporary keris scene, the besalen Pasir Bersinar in Malang is perhaps one of the most popular workshops for modern kerises in Indonesia today. With this keris kamardikan, the besalen Pasir Bersinar has proven its exalted reputation ...

Keris Parungsari Luk 13 with a Twofold Dwiwarnå Pamor Pattern to Increase Prosperity and Enhance Authority


Parungsari is a type of dapur with 13 luks, and is attributed with a lot of ricikan. In the old days, this type of dapur used to owned by the King and aristocrats. A keris with a Parungsari dapur is often mistaken for a dapur Sengkelat since these are in many ways similar to each ...