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Keris Pandawa Lare Luk 5 from the Tangguh Segaluh Era (12th Century)


This ancient keris originates from the tangguh Segaluh era (twelfth century West-Java). A genuine keris from the Segaluh era features an iron blade that looks rather dry, and has a dark black, greenish color to it. Another characteristic feature of this particular kind of keris sepuh (old keris), is that always has a tall gandik. ...

Keris Pandawa Cinarita with Copper Cover and Teak Wooden Sheath


Some people estimate this keris to originate from the Madiun Nom-noman era ('tangguh'), in which case this keris would be about 50-100 years old. Yet other people believe it is more likely that this is a contemporary keris. Regardless the mere speculation about its true origin, it is nonetheless still possible to admire its refined ...