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Keris Naga Sapta Luk 7 with Pamor Wengkon for Achieving Success in Life


This keris Naga Sapta is a contemporary keris (kamardikan) made by empu Sadek from Blutoh in Sumenep, Madura. Its dapur, the Naga Sapta, represents the mythical naga creature. In Javanese, however, this kind of dapur is called 'Nogo Sapto', which is derived from Sanskrit ('nāga': serpent; 'sapta': seven). The word 'sapta' (or 'sapto') refers to ...

Keris Panji Anom with Twofold (Dwiwarna) Pamor Pattern


The dapur 'Panji Anom', also known as 'Panji Nom', 'Panji Anem', or 'Panjinem', is a common characteristic for a straight-bladed keris ('lurus'). The pamor Untu Walang looks fairly similar to (pamor) Tepen, or Wengkon. The difference, however, is that pamor Wengkon usually features a straight line near the edges of the blade, whereas the line ...