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Keris Siak Indrapura – An Extremely Rare and Unique Dapur from Riau Province


The keris Siak Indrapura has a very rare and special dapur named 'Unduk-unduk', which originates from the area of Riau Province in Northeast Sumatera. The dapur Unduk-unduk features five luks (waves). It is a relatively unknown dapur among contemporary keris collectors. Therefore, it is suggested that this keris has been custom made on a special ...

Keris Sabuk Tali Luk 11 with Pamor Banyu Mili – Tangguh Singosari (13th Century)


The keris Sabuk Tali is very rare dapur. The name of this classic dapur means 'cord belt' in Javanese. This ancient keris is made in the thirteenth century tangguh Singosari era (1222–1292 CE). It has 11 luks ('waves'), a plain gandik, a deep sogokan depan, and a wide pejetan. Also, the base of the blade ...

Keris Tilam Upih Ganja Iras from the Tangguh Tuban-Majapahit Era (13th–15th Century CE)


This straight-bladed ('lurus') keris features 'Ganja Iras', which means the blade does not have a separate ganja, but rather it is made out of the blade itself. The dapur of this keris is 'Tilam Upih'. Tilam Upih can be translated as 'white (bed)sheet(s)' which implies living a straight (hence 'lurus' instead of 'luk') and honest ...