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Business Boosting Bracelet featuring Islamic Occult Spells of Solomon for Wealth Increase


Any business owner or professional can be sure to make a bold statement with this metal bangle on his or her wrist. The magical incantations engraved on the exterior surface of the bracelet are duly recited during the empowerment ritual, so that – regardless of whether the wearer is a Muslim or non-Muslim – its ...

Antique Amulet Ring with Large White Chalcedony Stone for the Occultic Practice of Divination


The white variety of chalcedony is considered a mystical stone in Indonesia. It is inextricably linked with Indonesian mysticism because of the stone's spiritual potential. Since the natural gemstone was obtained from a holy cave near Mount Salak in Bogor (West Java), it is therefore regarded as an auspicious object of reverence. Many highly respected ...