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Occult Bottle stuffed with Mystical Paper Scrolls to Improve Luck, Fate and Fortune


Occultism is deeply rooted in Indonesian society. In fact, the ancient mystical tradition still plays an important role in Indonesia today. This occult bottle with mystical paper scrolls is a prime example of the unity in diversity between occultism and mysticism. Through combining old magical techniques with modern materials a most special item is created. ...

Occult Bottle with Sacred Earth from a Holy Site – Empowered with Ritual Blessings of Protection Against Danger coming from any of the Cardinal Directions


This Indonesian occult bottle serves as a powerful talisman for protection from dangers of various kinds, such as robbery, nature disasters, and even black magic. The bottle contains sacred earth from a holy site, which the dukun obtained from a remote place in the forest where he performed his spiritual practice for several months. During ...