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Sorcerous Headhunting Mandau Dagger with Wild Pig’s Teeth, Hair, and Bone Ornaments


Although the sinister practice of headhunting has been discontinued decades ago, the material culture of indigenous tribes continues to be valued by people in Indonesia today. Ancient Indonesian artefacts such as swords (pedang), daggers (keris), machetes (golok), and spears (tombak), attest to the cultural significance of traditional weaponry. The same holds true for the mandau; ...

Mandau Dayak Headhunter’s Sword


In ancient times, the indigenous population of Kalimantan – the Dayaks – were feared as notorious headhunters. The headhunting Dayaks executed their fearsome practices through using a traditional mandau sword. Throughout the centuries, this has caused the mandau to become inextricably linked to headhunting. However, due the decline of the Dayaks' ancient traditions in the early ...