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Keris Sajen Luk 3 with an Iron Hilt featuring the Image of a Bhūta Spirit


With its moderate size and unique design, the keris Sajen stands out from the rest of Indonesia's traditional dapur keris models. Since ancient times, the keris Sajen is typically used by mystics in their performance of ritual practice. Hence, the Javanese term 'sajen' literally translates as (ritual) offerings. The hilt of the keris Sajen comprises ...

Thirteenth Century Singosari Keris Jangkung Luk 3 for Attracting Good Luck and Good Fortune


A thirteen century keris from the tangguh Singosari era (1222–1292 CE). This ancient keris features the dapur Jangkung, which has three waves ('luk'). In ancient times, when a child would go to university, or when s/he got a new job, or would move to another town or city, then the child would be given by ...

Keris Sajen for Ritual and Spiritual Uses


A rare and unique keris Sajen from the tangguh Majapahit era (13th–15th century). This ancient keris features the dapur Sajen, which means 'offerings' in Javanese. As always with a keris Sajen, the hilt is inseparably attached to the iron blade. The blade has three waves ('luk'), which is something unusual and rather unique indeed, for ...