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Rare Keris Selekede Kalawijan Luk 15 with Pamor Ngulit Semangka Motif and Ancient Copper Pendok Cover


The so-called kalawijan type of kerises are a very special kind of dapur (model). A kalawijan keris has a rather unconventional design in the sense that the blade features a larger number of waves (luk) compared to the conventional standards. This means that kerises of this particular kind have more than thirteen luks. Any keris ...

Keris Kamardikan Sadhek Luk 15 with Pamor Raja Abala Raja for a Successful Career


A contemporary keris kamardikan of high standard; this new keris is forged in a unique dapur Sadhek model, featuring a high quality blade with 15 luks ('waves'). It is richly attributed with a set of ricikan. The gandik has a kembang kacang, a lambe gajah, and a jalu memet. At the base of the blade ...