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Powerful Locket Blessed by the Banten Masters to Improve Trading Results


The stylish combination of black material and gold lettering is the trademark of traditional amulets and talismans made by the Banten mystics. The powerful talismans made by the renown Muslim masters from Banten Province in West Java are widely praised for their strong effects. This is not surprising, for the Islamic mystics are known to ...

Soldier’s Forehead Bone Amulet with 3 Silver Yantra Spells and Coffin Nail in Sacred Oil


This amulet is made from a piece of forehead bone from a Thai army soldier. It is hand carved by the Thai master Waroot from Chiang Mai. This particular master is much respected by the Thai, Cambodian, Malaysian and Singaporean people who have strong faith in Master Waroot's supernatural powers. Master Waroot used his meditative concentration ...