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Keris Bethok Kamardikan with Threefold Pamor Triwarna Pattern consisting of Pedaringan Kebak, Lar Gangsir and Adeg Sapu


The Bethok dapur is one of the early keris models originating from the Buddhist era in Indonesia (6th–9th century CE). It is a straight-bladed dapur type, which is shorter and wider when compared to the blade of other kerises. In general, the Bethok is characterized by the simplicity of its design. The only ricikan elements ...

Keris Bugis Laler Mengeng with Pamor Lar Gangsir


Generally, a Buginese keris ('keris Bugis' or 'keris Sulawesi') can be distinguished by the characteristic shape of the blade. For instance, the dapur of this keris Bugis is 'Laler Mengeng'; it features a rather tall gandik with a reversed kembang kacang pointing inward instead of outward. The characteristic features of the Buginese keris are obviously ...