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Javanese Semar and Petruk Divinities Coin Amulet


Semar and Petruk both are Javanese divinities, belonging to the group of four Punakawan (pronounced: Punokawan) deities. Semar is the eldest among them, followed by Bagong, Petruk, and Gareng. Petruk has a very fierce character, whereas Semar is characterized by peace and wisdom. Legend has it that Petruk used to be a benevolent rākṣasa demon. ...

East Javanese Keris Carita Gandu Luk 11 from the Hindu-Buddhist Tangguh Janggala Era (11th–12th Century CE)


The ancient blade of this keris is forged from top-quality iron. Based on the extraordinary quality of iron and the remarkable forging skills of the empu (blacksmith), it is estimated that this keris was made in the tangguh Janggala era (11th–12th century CE) in East Java, Indonesia. After the Srivijaya invasion in the ancient Javanese ...