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Chinese Imperial Jade Fortune Amulet Pendant for Monkey Zodiac Sign


Wearing a Chinese fortune character, allows us to enhance positive feelings and to bring good luck into our lives. In Chinese culture, fortunate characters and calligraphy are commonly practiced and are embedded in all aspects of life, since millennia. This is not different in contemporary times. 福 'Fu'- The Chinese lucky character for Good Fortune, has been ...

Hand Carved Black Nephrite Jadeite Pendant of a Crouching Tiger with an Aura of Invincibility


On the front of the pendant there is the hand carved image of a crouching tiger, which has been inspired by the ancient Chinese-Indonesian art of the kraton (royal palace) of Cirebon. The tiger is depicted in a position where its knees are bent and the upperbody is brought forward and down. The animal adopts ...

Black Jade Tiger Pendant for Invulnerability against Disgraceful Acts of Treason and Extortion


Natural black nephrite jadeite is commonly known as black jade. The rock owes its color to the microscopic inclusions of dark minerals. Thus, the graphite at the stone's inclusions cause it become dark green or even black. The main composition, therefore, bears some resemblance to ink, for indeed, this dense variety of (ferro-) hornblende jade ...