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Magic Prayer Beads Bracelet made from Various Types of Natural Holy Wood endowed with Mystical Blessings


The magical bracelet has twenty-three prayer beads which are made from several different types of holy wood. Each wooden bead is approximately 7 mm in diameter. The sacred wood is obtained from holy trees on the slopes of Mount Lawu in Central Java, Indonesia. Mount Lawu is considered a sacred site, for it is said ...

Gaharu Wood Essential Oil for Protection Against Black Magic, Ritual Use, and Aromatherapy


This fragrant oil is extracted from holy Gaharu wood, sometimes also called 'Garu'. The content of the bottle contains pure Gaharu wood oil, which means that it is not blended with alcohol. Hence, if one is a Muslim, one does not need to worry about any implications of the oil being haram. Gaharu oil serves multiple ...

Holy Gaharu Wooden Amulet Filled with Sacred Herbs


A rare and unique Indonesian amulet hand carved from holy Gaharu wood. The amulet has been made and consecrated by an Islamic master from Martapura in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Martapura is widely known for its Islamic pesantren schools. Indeed, Martapura brings forth many great Islamic santri scholars, whose piety is reflected in the traditional white Muslim ...