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Traditional Indonesian Herbal Liniment made from Broadleaf Plantain Roots


The traditional Indonesian herbal liniment is a registered product (under license number 83705310) by the official brand Rajawali. The bottle contains essential oil obtained from natural broadleaf plantain roots (Lat. Plantago major Linn). Fresh straws of lemongrass plucked from mountainous areas in Kalimantan are added to the herbal liniment as well. The indigenous population living on ...

Traditional Indonesian Locket with Alternative Islamic Healing Spells to Treat or Prevent Illnesses


The traditional Indonesian locket contains a colorful piece of paper, which depicts various kinds of alternative healing spells. The paper sheet is folded 230 times while sacred incantations were performed. First, it is folded a hundred times while traditional healing spells were chanted. Next, the sheet of paper is folded sixty times while magical prayers ...

Traditional Snow Queen Herbs for Beauty Treatment


The traditional Snow Queen herbs and spices are a popular treatment for women who want to enhance their beauty in a completely natural way. This traditional medicine from Kalimantan, Indonesia, is called 'snow queen', because its unique combination of herbs and spices serves as a highly effective natural skin whitening method. Traditionally, Indonesian women will use ...