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Keris Hanoman Pudhak Sategal Luk 5


In ancient Javanese literature Hanoman is often mentioned as 'Pandawa Anoman', or simply 'Anoman'. In this context, however, Hanoman (Sanskrit: Hanuman) is a dapur featuring five luks. This type of dapur can be easily recognized by its tall sogokan. Hanuman, the 'White Monkey', is the son of Kesari and Añjanā. When the apsarāḥ ('celestial nymph') Añjanā ...

Balinese Danganan Keris Hilt carved from Moose Horn in the Image of Hanoman, the White Monkey God


This danganan (keris hilt) Hanoman is fully hand carved in traditional Balinese style. Hanoman (Sanskrit: Hanuman) is the general of the monkey army ('wanara'; Sanskrit: 'vānara') whom is revered for his loyalty, honesty, courage and compassion. Moreover, under Hanuman's lead, the monkey army helped Rāma to free Sītā from the hands of Rāvaṇa in the ...