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Indonesian Garuda Claw Ring with an Empowered Agate Stone to promote Resourcefulness


Apart from a dukun's psychic abilities, occultic powers can also be found in nature and the elements. Many types of crystals and gemstones occur naturally in many places in Indonesia. Indeed, thanks to a large number of volcanoes, the geological conditions of the archipelago make it possible for minerals to transform into precious and semi-precious ...

Garuda Humanoid Bird’s Claw Pendant holding a Sacred Rhodonite Crystal Bead that Stimulates Spiritual Growth and Personal Development


The rose-pink bead contained within the stainless steel pendant is a rhodonite crystal. Its attractive pink appearance has beautiful black lines of manganese oxide running through it. Upon discovering the gemstone, people referred to rhodonite as "the eagle stone" due to the many eagles that were spotted in the area. The birds were reportedly seen ...