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Rawhide Talisman Inscribed with Saffron Paste to Improve One’s Business


This rawhide talisman is handcrafted from the skin of a wild goat. Indonesian dukuns commonly use the skin of wild animals to make amulets and talismans, for they believe that this material contains certain mystical properties. The reason for this can be found in the fact that wild animals generally have a bold nature; they ...

Pusaka Bag for Multiplying Wealth & Riches and to Accumulate Treasured Possessions


Pusaka (heirloom) items often comprise a person's dearest possessions, usually inherited from one's ancestors. However, in a broader sense, the term 'pusaka' may also refer to mystical objects in general. When a particular object is claimed to possess certain powers of magic, it is very likely that the owner wishes to keep it as a ...

Kul Buntet – Magical Sea Shell for Increasing Wealth and Riches


These Kul Buntet shells come from West Java, though they can be found in Thailand, too. Kul Buntet shells can be used as a talisman to attract riches. The shells are usually being stored (per pair or per piece) in a small bag or wrapped in a piece of cloth. Once a week (preferably in ...