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Powerful Panca Warna Jasper Jewel from Java (including Free eBook!)


When it comes to jasper stones, Indonesia is generally considered the best place where one can find some of the most beautiful gems in the world. There is, however, one specific type of jasper that cannot be found anywhere else but in Central Java. This rare variety is commonly known as pancawarna, which literally means ...

The Kejawen Teachings: ‘Personal Guardian Spirits’ (eZine)


Indo Magic proudly presents The Kejawen Teachings: 'Personal Guardian Spirits' – the latest digital publication by Mas Rodin. This is the very first issue of Indo Magic's new eZine called 'The Kejawen Teachings', which offers valuable resources to mystics wishing to deepen their study of Kejawen teachings. After the success of 'Mantras: Sacred Utterances from Indonesia' ...