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Sacred Sundanese Chrysoprase Talisman for developing a More Prosperous Life


Chrysoprase is formed by minuscule crystal particles that only become visible as such when using extreme magnification. As such, chrysoprase is a (silica) form of cryptocrystalline. Also, due to its distinct color, this particular gem is recognized as the green variety of chalcedony. In olden times chrysoprase was considered a very precious stone, for indeed, ...

Mystical Chrysoprase Chalcedony Gemstone Ring bringing Prosperity and Other Desirable Conditions


Chalcedony gemstones appear in many different colors. The green variety of chalcedony is called chrysoprase. In ancient times these gems were so valuable that people referred to chrysoprase as "green gold". Indeed, it is the lustrous green color which makes it a highly desirable semi-precious stone. This holds especially true for the rarer gems of ...