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Carnelian Crystal Talisman for Renewed Inspiration and Motivation


Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony which is considered to be a sacred crystal in Indonesia. The semi-precious stone is a highly energetic gem in terms of its holistic healing quality; the gemstone's inherent energies can help increase one's physical endurance, stamina, and fertility. In addition to the physical benefits, carnelian also has a positive ...

Antique Amulet Ring with Large White Chalcedony Stone for the Occultic Practice of Divination


The white variety of chalcedony is considered a mystical stone in Indonesia. It is inextricably linked with Indonesian mysticism because of the stone's spiritual potential. Since the natural gemstone was obtained from a holy cave near Mount Salak in Bogor (West Java), it is therefore regarded as an auspicious object of reverence. Many highly respected ...

Real Moluccan Chrysocolla Chalcedony Talisman Ring adorned with 18 Red Garnets to help One become More Astute


Ancient minerals can be found in many places across the islands of the Indonesian Archipelago, but for the mystically and spiritually inclined, there is one mineral that stands out in particular. And that is chrysocolla from the Bacan Islands of the Moluccas in Northeast Indonesia. In fact, in the past two years natural chrysocolla chalcedony ...