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Carnelian Agate Aqeeq Ring blessed for overcoming Obstacles to Career Fulfillment


Traditionally, in the Muslim world, carnelian agate is classed as an 'aqīq' or 'aqeeq'(عقيق), which means that it is a valuable stone in terms of its religious significance. Reportedly, in 630 CE, when Prophet Muḥammad returned in victory to the holy city of Mecca, he destroyed the polytheistic idols at the Kaʿbah in the center ...

Carnelian Crystal Talisman for Renewed Inspiration and Motivation


Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony which is considered to be a sacred crystal in Indonesia. The semi-precious stone is a highly energetic gem in terms of its holistic healing quality; the gemstone's inherent energies can help increase one's physical endurance, stamina, and fertility. In addition to the physical benefits, carnelian also has a positive ...

Javanese Carnelian Gemstone to Strenghten Willpower – Set in a Stainless Steel Ring studded with 32 Zirconia


Carnelian is a red variant of chalcedony – a form of quartz. It owes its color to the iron oxide found in this (silica) mineral. Though technically it is a translucent gem, yet when it appears as a semi-translucent or even a nearly opaque stone, it automatically increases the value. As can be seen from ...