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Keris Bugis Laler Mengeng with Pamor Lar Gangsir


Generally, a Buginese keris ('keris Bugis' or 'keris Sulawesi') can be distinguished by the characteristic shape of the blade. For instance, the dapur of this keris Bugis is 'Laler Mengeng'; it features a rather tall gandik with a reversed kembang kacang pointing inward instead of outward. The characteristic features of the Buginese keris are obviously ...

Pamor dan Landasan Spiritual: Senjata Pusaka Bugis


Title: Pamor dan Landasan Spiritual: Senjata Pusaka Bugis Author: Ahmad Ubbe, Andi M. Irvan Zulfikar and Dray Vibrianto Senewe; Editor: Jimmy S. Harianto Publisher: Jakarta: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2011 Language: Bahasa Indonesia Pages: 366 ISBN: 9789792277296 This book tells about the traditional heirloom ('pusaka') weapons and kerises of the Bugis-Makassar society. Indeed, the traditional weapons discussed in this book still ...