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Ambitious Muslim Female Bracelet to Stop Unequal Treatment and Sexual Discrimination


Ambitious women operating in professional areas in life frequently find themselves in unfavorable job positions compared to their male counterparts. Sadly enough, sexual discrimination still is a common phenomenon in contemporary society. In a humble attempt to do something about such unequal treatment, the mystical masters from Banten Province made and blessed this sacred bracelet, ...

Business Boosting Bracelet featuring Islamic Occult Spells of Solomon for Wealth Increase


Any business owner or professional can be sure to make a bold statement with this metal bangle on his or her wrist. The magical incantations engraved on the exterior surface of the bracelet are duly recited during the empowerment ritual, so that – regardless of whether the wearer is a Muslim or non-Muslim – its ...

Authentic Arabian Alchemical Metal Bracelet with Solomonic Inscriptions to generate a Charismatic Aura


Most of the ritual magic in the Arabian world today are based on the ancient occult practices of King Solomon, also known as Prophet Sulāyman in Islamic tradition. The supposedly divinely appointed ruler was gifted with extraordinary talents in the sense of extrasensory perception of the Unseen. Solomon's paranormal psychic abilities allowed him to communicate ...