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Benevolent Bali Bhuta Demon Spirit Bone Effigy


Although Bali generally is referred to as 'the island of the gods', there are also parts of the island which are believed to be inhabited by spirits of the netherworld. The predominantly Hindu population of Bali resides in the human realm, located between the celestial realm of the gods (Sanskrit: deva) above and the hell ...

Antique Bhuta Danganan Keris Hilt Figure carved from Deer Antler imbued with Demoniac Qualities


Bhūtas are the demonic creatures of the underworld. In Bali, however, nature spirits and demigods are often equated to the bhūta as well. In Balinese folklore they are portrayed as hungry ghosts and wandering spirits. Yet not all of them are evil, for indeed, there are also many benevolent ones among them. Therefore, it is ...