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Portable Tombak Amulet for Respect, Power and Authority in Leadership


A tombak is a traditional Indonesian weapon resembling a spear. Unlike traditional weaponry in the West, most Indonesian swords, daggers, knives and other thrusting weapons are smaller and have a subtler design. This is because traditional Indonesian weapons were used not only for combat fighting but often also for conducting sacred rituals. Hence, the forging ...

Indonesian Keris Pocket Talisman wielding Magical Powers to Achieve Prosperity and Successful Social Status


The keris is one of the key aspects of traditional Indonesian culture. With its distinctive characteristic design the keris is typically valued for its diversity in symbolism. And so, the interpretation of the keris is inseparable from local customs and ancient traditions. Thus, the keris was officially recognized as an intangible socio-cultural heritage by UNESCO ...

Besi Kuning: Indonesian Amulet made from 7 Sacred Metals, for Protection and Wealth Increase


Besi kuning, or 'wesi kuning', is a yellow colored alloy which consists of seven sacred metals: (1) gold; (2) silver; (3) copper; (4) tin; (5) nickel; (6) lead; and (7) iron. These metals are sacred in the sense that they are obtained from ancient sacred objects such as various kinds of ritual instruments, kerises, and ...