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Charismatic Majapahit Keris Brojol with Pamor Bendo Segodo Pattern + Rojo Gundolo Motif


Kerises and other pusaka (heirloom) items made in thirteenth to fifteenth century Java during the glorious tangguh Majapahit era (1292–1500 CE) are among the best collections of traditional Indonesian weaponry. The royal artisans of the Javanese Hindu Kingdom of Majapahit brought forth some of the most amazing works of art and architecture. Thus, this historical ...

Keris Tilam Upih Bendo Segodo from the Tangguh Madura Era (16th Century)


This keris is conjured for spiritual practitioners. The esoteric content of this keris contains a spirit ('khodam') who shall guide and protect the owner. If the owner is a practitioner of magic, then he or she will find this keris very useful for carrying out specific occult rituals or prayers. Yet to a true ...