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Keris Tilam Upih with Pamor Bonang Sarenteng + Balinese Sheath & Hilt


With its total length of 40 cm, this keris can be classified as a long keris ('keris panjang', often also refered to as 'keris corok'). A keris corok is thought to contain more powerful spiritual powers than a standard sized keris. For this particular reason, many people desire to have a supernatural pusaka like this. The ...

Balinese Danganan Keris Hilt carved from Moose Horn in the Image of Hanoman, the White Monkey God


This danganan (keris hilt) Hanoman is fully hand carved in traditional Balinese style. Hanoman (Sanskrit: Hanuman) is the general of the monkey army ('wanara'; Sanskrit: 'vānara') whom is revered for his loyalty, honesty, courage and compassion. Moreover, under Hanuman's lead, the monkey army helped Rāma to free Sītā from the hands of Rāvaṇa in the ...

Danganan Garuḍa Viṣṇu


A uniquely hand carved danganan (hilt) in Balinese style. On this hilt we see Viṣṇu riding his vehicle, Garuḍa. Due to the fact that Garuḍa is renown for devouring nāgas, it is generally believed that Garuḍa can protect the keris owner against snake attacks and its venom. If one wants to call upon Garuḍa for help, ...