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Authentic Agate Aqeeq Stone giving Spiritual Aid in Important Decision-making


This oval-shaped agate has been cut with care and precision, using the characteristic cabochon cutting style. The aqeeq stone is set in a ring, which has no less than twenty tiny zircons on it for extra decorative purposes. Also, there is a small hole or opening in the center of the ring, so that the ...

Carnelian Agate Aqeeq Ring blessed for overcoming Obstacles to Career Fulfillment


Traditionally, in the Muslim world, carnelian agate is classed as an 'aqīq' or 'aqeeq'(عقيق), which means that it is a valuable stone in terms of its religious significance. Reportedly, in 630 CE, when Prophet Muḥammad returned in victory to the holy city of Mecca, he destroyed the polytheistic idols at the Kaʿbah in the center ...