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Antique Bhuta Danganan Keris Hilt Figure carved from Deer Antler imbued with Demoniac Qualities


Bhūtas are the demonic creatures of the underworld. In Bali, however, nature spirits and demigods are often equated to the bhūta as well. In Balinese folklore they are portrayed as hungry ghosts and wandering spirits. Yet not all of them are evil, for indeed, there are also many benevolent ones among them. Therefore, it is ...

Pair of Ancient Keris Kaki Nini Kebo Lajer from the Tangguh Pajajaran Era (12th Century CE)


Ancient kerises are sacred heirloom pieces which rarely come in pairs. Yet if they do come in a pair, then one can be sure this is an extremely rare and unique pusaka set. It is common knowledge that, due to the inherent metaphysical energies, not all kerises are considered suitable for each and everyone. However, ...