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Mystical Iron Earthworm Amulet to expand Livelihood Opportunities


It is a well-known fact that earthworms play a major role in environmental care of the earth's surface, since their activities have major benefits which help improve soil fertility. This is first and foremost due to the earthworms mixing the earth's soil with a high concentration of minerals and organic nutrients. Thus, many ancient animist ...

Kejawen Amulet empowered with the Aji Rajah Kalacakra Mantra of Traditional Javanese Mysticism


Mystical objects made from deerskin are ranked among the most powerful amulets and talismans in Java. In fact, this goes for the whole of the Indonesian archipelago, as the sacred value of this kind of amulet is unsurpassed. The deer plays an important role in ancient Javanese Hindu-Buddhist mythology, i.e. the golden deer of the ...

Mystical Khodam Spirit Oil


The oil contained in the small bottle is extracted from a traditional mixture of sacred flowers, plants and herbs. The dukun who made the oil initially prepared the sacred potion for ritual use. However, after having successfully completed all the necessary rites to empower the oil with mystical properties, the dukun started to get unusually ...