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Mythical Naga Serpent Deity Amulet to bring Prosperous Circumstances


Traditional Hindu-Buddhist mythology tells us about a mythical creature commonly known as the nāga (Sanskrit). The nāga is a benevolent serpent deity as mentioned in various ancient scriptures, like the great Hindu epic Mahābhārata, as well as in sacred Buddhist texts such as the Lotus Sūtra and the Vinayasūtra. Both in Hindu and Buddhist tradition, ...

Mystical Iron Earthworm Amulet to expand Livelihood Opportunities


It is a well-known fact that earthworms play a major role in environmental care of the earth's surface, since their activities have major benefits which help improve soil fertility. This is first and foremost due to the earthworms mixing the earth's soil with a high concentration of minerals and organic nutrients. Thus, many ancient animist ...

Kul Buntet – Magical Sea Shell for Increasing Wealth and Riches


These Kul Buntet shells come from West Java, though they can be found in Thailand, too. Kul Buntet shells can be used as a talisman to attract riches. The shells are usually being stored (per pair or per piece) in a small bag or wrapped in a piece of cloth. Once a week (preferably in ...